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Get Inspired by the Outdoors this Fall and Winter Season

While we’re on the cusp of the fall season and soon to have that beautiful transition into winter weather, it’s a great time of the year to head to Scottsdale AZ for an end of fall vacation. This time of the year, it’s hard to tell when fall ends and winter begins, we don’t have the added benefits of ice-cold temps and snow on the ground to signal, winter is officially here. For us, autumn ends, and winter comes to town when the holiday season rolls around. Scottsdale brings more than just a desert landscape, with its stunning vistas, fabulous restaurants and nightlife, and fantastic holiday vacation rentals to choose from; we’re sure you’ll be inspired to get outside during your seasonal stay at the perfect Holiday Rental of your choosing.

The great outdoors and Scottsdale go hand in hand, because of our desert of a city, plays host to a wide assortment of activities that get you to enjoy the sun and warm air. Whether it’s during the day at a spa and pool to catch offseason rays of sunshine, or you’re out hiking through the palms and desert grasses that make up an array of vegetation and life. With so much to do outside, you’re sure to miss it if you don’t visit!

Miles and Miles of Outdoor Fun

Outdoors can mean so much in Scottsdale and Arizona, in general, but if you want some fantastic time under the sun make sure you’re hiking somewhere, anywhere! Scottsdale and the surrounding areas offer thousands of miles of trails for you to explore. The wilderness is where it’s at, and you’ll see flora and fauna that are natural to our area. Just like the vegetation, there are unique rock formations at many of the local trailheads that are worthy of photo-opportunities. Tom’s Thumb Trailhead is an attractive location for hiking; it actually links up with the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy and Preserves that can create an additional three-mile hike. Featuring large boulders and impressive views you won’t go wrong with any of the trail options you choose throughout Scottsdale and the surrounding Phoenix areas.

Go for a Ride, not a Drive

We mean it! Here in Scottsdale you can hop aboard one of our railways at the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park and go for a peaceful ride. With a few options to choose from, families will love a day spent outdoors at this park. Offering a wide range of kid-friendly fun, your littlest members of the family will enjoy playing on the grass or taking a ride on our carousel. Plus, don’t miss out on their seasonal option of the Arboretum Train, which is open from October through May and with this train ride, you’ll get to experience a ten-minute loop through the Arboretum gardens. Check out all the options here and make sure you enjoy some time outside.

Outdoor Animals in Phoenix

The Phoenix Zoo is an excellent option for an outdoor day trip. With much of the zoo featuring outdoor elements, as well as indoor ones, you’ll be able to cool down when you need to while also enjoying the animals of all sizes. When the holidays come around, we highly recommend seeing the Zoo Lights; an event hosted at the Phoenix Zoo! This illuminated outdoor display is perfect for those wanting to get a taste of the winter and holiday season while still enjoying time spent outside. Kids and adults will enjoy this event as the lights and music, dance and blend to create a melody of excitement for the merry season.

Seasonal Attire

When packing for time spent in the Scottsdale area, especially if you know you’ll be outdoors, it’s important to think about what you’ll bring with in regards to clothing. Summertime in Arizona is a hot one; there is no doubt about that! So apparel for that season includes linens and light colors to keep you cool and refreshed throughout the day. Autumn and winter, especially, brings colder weather to our desert towns. With mild temps during the daytime, nighttime can often get colder, and winter can experience temps in the 30s if not 40s. So, you’ll want to bring a variety of options, and that means layers, lots and lots of layers. Lighter weight sweaters and pants are suitable for those occasions where you’re dining outdoors, and it’s starting to get a bit chilly. Though we do suggest, making sure you have the right attire for spending time outdoors whether it’s in the daytime or night, you’ll want to check the weather to help you decide what is best to wear in Phoenix-Scottsdale area during your trip!


After you’ve decided on your location, what you’ll be doing here, and what to bring, you might be wondering about finding the perfect holiday vacation rentals? Choosing the right holiday vacation rentals this season might be tough due to all the marvelous options you’ll have at your fingertips. With our town known for luxury and high-end options, Holiday Rental has just what you need to satisfy any sort qualms about picking the best accommodation during this time of the year. As we’re about to head into a very thankful week, you’ll want to make sure you book one last trip before the winter season encompasses our desert communities. Enjoy your time outdoors this season, as fall turns into winter and winter brings the bright lights and promises of the New Year.

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