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5 Things to do at Sunset in Arizona

Arizona’s desert communities bring to life the ultimate warmth and paradise. Hidden among palm trees and botanicals you’ll find the quaint town of Scottsdale, while it’s recognized as The West’s Most Western Town, Scottsdale Arizona is quite modern and architecturally intriguing. Beyond the pools and spas, golfing, and desert hiking spots, you’ll find that that the sun becomes more than just a viable resource for some much-needed vitamins.  In the summer, when the sun berates the town with its heatwaves, the temps can be sweltering at times, so the winter season brings relief. While the sun contributes to the outdoor activities and daily life of guests, visitors, and locals who live in the area, there is also an excellent reason that the sun makes for more than just a toasty vacation. The sunset’s here in AZ are one to remember; they span from the rooftops of buildings to some of the finest luxury rentals Arizona is known for, and from the pool decks to any outdoor activity that you’ll encounter. Here are our five incredible things to do at sunset which will enhance your vacation by turning the landscape into a pleasurable experience for the eyes.


A Meal with a View

First up on our list, you’ll find that if you’re hungry for more than just food, head to the Four Seasons Resort in Scottsdale, located at Troon North. The Talavera Restaurant by far has one of the best views in the city if you are expecting to catch the sun setting while sipping on a rich and full-bodied red. Whether it’s cocktails or full course meal, your sightline of Pinnacle Peak will lighten up when dusk occurs. It also makes for lovely meal time spent with family, friends, and loved ones as you dine underneath the stars.


A Desert Full of Color

While Arizona is known for having some of the most spectacular deserts, you’ll want to make sure you’re out around dusk to see them first hand. You can view many photographs taken on the internet, but there is nothing like actually being outside in the desert when the sun sets. Nights can include warm reds, bright oranges, and even the calming baby blue to lavender shades that irrupt across the sky. Mixed with the brown of the clay and the green of the botanicals at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, create a lovely night. In winter, we recommend going to the Las Noches de Las Luminarias to experience the beautiful sunsets while then enjoying the garden lit by luminaries.


A Hike to Remember

Throughout your stay in Scottsdale, there will be many locations for you to hike and thus experience a sunset unlike any other. Some of these trails include Pinnacle Peak Summit Trail at Pinnacle Peak Park and the Sunrise Peak at the Sunrise Trailhead within the McDowell Sonoran Preserve; beyond that, we recommend the South Mountain in Phoenix. The South Mountain brings one of the most stunning and picturesque views you’ll find. At the top of the mountain, looking down onto the city of Phoenix, as the sunsets around you, you’ll be surprised by how moving sunsets can be mainly in the way they change colors by shifting on the horizon to create a masterpiece. It’s definitely one of the best photo-worthy moments you’ll want to capture.


A Relaxing Sight

Sanctuary at Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa is renowned for its fabulous spa setting giving guests the ultimate in relaxation, meditations, and rejuvenation. It is also a hidden gem among those searching for more than just a facial. When we think of relaxing at a spa, massages, facials, and body wraps can come to mind. While those all help to bring tranquility and serenity to visitors wanting those treatments, guests can often find relaxation through the immaculate view of the property. Located on Camelback Mountain, there is almost no other place you’ll want to be when the day gives way to the night. Finish out your day at the Sanctuary by watching the sun caress the horizon and before the moon takes over for the evening; It’s honestly an ultimate way to end a day full of relaxation.


A Work of Art

Tropical oases are sometimes what people think about when a beautiful array of color soaks the dusk skyline. Imagining a turquoise ocean nestled in the background which can highlight the warm tones in the sky, but many often forget to look at the desert as a place to see some of the most beautiful colors as the sun sinks behind the horizon line. When finding some of the top luxury rentals Arizona is highly noted for having, a crucial part of Holiday Rental properties ensures that you’ll be able to experience some of these sunset moments, whether it’s with family, a group of your closest friends, or your loved one. When looking for the perfect vacation rental that utilizes the sun and particularly its sunsets to its’ advantage, you’ll want to take a peek at City Views. While the home itself is stunning in more ways than one, the long porch provides the perfect sitting area as the painted colors dance across the skyline like an artist at their canvas.


Experience more than just a vacation when you step into one of the top luxury rentals Arizona has to offer this winter season. Ignite the night sky when you feast your eyes on the stunning vistas that the desert brings to life every time the sun begins to fade. Holiday Rental is here to help you pick a marvelous property to fit all of your needs and give you the best views that create a work of art high above the clouds. We recommend that you do not leave your camera at home; though taking in the much cherished moments yourself via through your own eyes and not a lense, is not a wrong way to spend your trip, either!

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