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Why does Arizona Make for the Best Fall Getaway?

When fall rolls around, those of us here in the desert, start to breathe a sigh of relief. As are regular triple-digit temperatures begin to fade to cooler ones which gives everyone a nice break from possible heat stroke. We know that when the temperature to skyrocket in the summertime, there are ways to keep cool, you can read about how to stay cool in the summer here, but if you’re looking for the perfect getaway this Autumn a trip to Arizona is what you need. If you’re looking for the ultimate vacation holiday rentals this season, look no further than Holiday Rentals in Scottsdale.

Why Fall?

Fall in Scottsdale brings a lot of fun this time of the year, so many different reasons. When people think of fall, they might imagine comfy sweaters, warm fires, bright and colorful leaves, and maybe even pumpkins and apples. Fall brings lots of things to Arizona that many people don’t realize. Fall colors? We’ve got that! Cooler weather? We’ve also got that! Pumpkins and apple flavored everything, again, we’ve got that here in Arizona. The only thing most places don’t have that we do is the stunning desert landscape we’re surrounded by.


While our days are warm, the nights can get pretty chilly so you’ll want to pack your bag or suitcase accordingly to serve temps from the 80s all the way to the 40s. Which means you’ll be able to wear those trendy sweaters still while sipping wine and dining on some fabulous fall desserts in the desert.

Fall Activities

Autumn in Arizona not only brings calm and refreshing breezes but the activities for outdoors fun, grow. Festivals and events are often held in the fall when the weather is colder, and it’s not super dangerous to spend time in the sun. As fall approaches, you’ll want to get out for the perfect hike in the Sonoran Desert. Plus, many of our vacation holiday rentals are close to running paths and trails for you to hike or bike.


As we’re in the spookiest time of the year, you might see a few places sporting festive Halloween decor. If you want a freight, head out on a ghost tour with Haunted Scottsdale Ghost Tours. You’ll experience the creepiest places and locations that are notorious for being some of the most haunted places in and around Scottsdale. Perfect for getting you in the mood when Halloween is just around the corner.

More than Boos

If you want more than just boos this haunted season, enjoy your time wine tasting! For wine connoisseurs, fall means it’s tasting season. While three wine trails span Arizona, you can find some local tasting rooms and small batch wineries to satisfy your taste buds if you do not choose to drive to Sonita, Willcox, or Verde Valley (all, roughly a 2-3 hour drive from Scottsdale).

We recommend, Salvatore Vineyards Tasting Room, it’s right near 5th avenue so you can enjoy a morning of shopping and a lovely afternoon of sipping on some delicious local, small batch wine. You’ll find, Aridus Wines Tasting Room, Scottsdale located right in the Art District of Scottsdale. Which is great if you’re looking for a day full of art galleries, and tasting different blends of grapes, as well as some of the town’s best fine dining restaurants are just a few blocks away from the spot. Another excellent place is the Su Vino Winery, which you’ll also find is conveniently located in Downtown Scottsdale.

Vacation Holiday Rentals

If you plan on staying for a few days or even a little while longer, there are plenty of vacation holiday rentals for you to choose from this season. We think our Arcadia Luxury offers a beautiful option for families, friends, and more extensive groups. With space up to 14 people to sleep, there is lots of space for everyone here. Plus, you’ll be close to the Fashion Square area, and the Arts District of downtown Scottsdale, so you’ll be right by everything you would want to experience.


No matter what you do during your stay, we know you’ll have a fantastic time this fall season with your loved ones when you take a trip to Scottsdale Arizona. Our vacation holiday rentals are great for any time of the year, especially when the holidays are around the corner and they are sure to please when you book with Holiday Rentals. Enjoy your autumn harvest with those you care about when you’re in the West Most Western Town!