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Golf Trips to Scottsdale: What You Need to Know?

A gentle and cool autumn breeze rolls through the dunes as small waves appear on the ponds, the green has never looked brighter than during the harvest season, and you just spotted where the little white ball landed. Your perfect day is waiting for you when you visit Scottsdale the fall and winter season. With …

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Scottsdale’s Entertainment at its Finest

You might be interested to find out that Scottsdale Arizona isn’t just the West Most Western Town, but that it’s full of fantastic districts that cater to multiple activities, like entertainment. If you need to grab a drink with friends, experience the great outdoors, or hit the dance floor, this is the place to be. Especially …

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How to Travel the World on a Small Budget?

Planning a world tour within your budget is not so easy. There are many expenses involved in a trip like hotel accommodation, transportation, food and drink, etc. Many hidden expenses can also come up all of a sudden for which you have to be prepared and keep some extra amount for emergency.

Luxury Scottsdale: Where to Wine & Dine

You’ve booked two tickets to the fabulous Scottsdale area of Arizona, but you’re not sure where to take your special someone when vacationing? Here at Holiday Rental not only our vacations homes outstanding for a couple’s retreat, but we’re here to help you find just what you’re looking for regarding making it the best getaway …

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Hidden Gems of Scottsdale

Scottsdale’s entertainment spans farther than most imagine. Luxury shopping, golfing, and spas are popular reasons to vacation in the Southwest. You might be surprised to find out that you can enjoy a lovely vacation to Arizona when you venture outside the typical everyday activities. We’re sure you’ll find incredible hidden locations all throughout the town, …

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5 Reasons Everyone is Coming to Scottsdale

The epitome of luxury and life roll together into one when you step into the town of Scottsdale. While the city’s slogan remains, “The West’s Most Western Town,’ modern conveniences and high-end vacation home rentals in Scottsdale AZ, shops, restaurants, and nightlife, make it seem more like Miami. Even, the New York Times has called …

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Why Everyone wants to Stay near Old Town?

When choosing to vacation in Scottsdale, Arizona you might fancy considering staying near Old Town. It’s starting to become an incredibly popular place for people to not only stay at but also experience history and culture. You’ll find that old and new collide in our beautiful Arizona town. Holiday Rental has you covered when searching high and …

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