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Arizona Summer Vacation Survival

Summers in Arizona tend to get on the hot side of the temperature scale. When packing for your vacation, make sure you look at the weather. Holiday Rental is here to ensure you’re safe and sound on your fabulous Scottsdale retreat. Plus, our luxury homes for rent in Arizona will help cool you off while inside, but we’ve got a few survival tips for your summer vacation when you step outside.

How to Keep Cool

Keeping cool is a top priority when in Arizona for the summer. Temperatures can skyrocket up to over 100℉. Just this week alone there are going to be heat waves throughout the desert communities, and it’s best to be prepared for anything! On a sweltering day, you’ll want to head right to a pool to cool off. Whether your luxury vacation rental has a pool or you want to spend the day at a public location like Eldorado Aquatic and Fitness Center, Big Surf Waterpark, or any of the fabulous spas, we’re sure you will enjoy your time in the cool, turquoise water.


Clothing is another thing to keep in mind for the weather. You won’t want to bring a thick winter sweater when it’s over 90℉. Lightweight and loose fitting clothing are also worth bringing along. If you’re looking for a color palette try to stick with light-colored clothing, whites are great as they tend not to soak up the sun’s rays as much. Fabrics such as linen and cotton which are natural materials tend to dry faster. Rather than opting for jeans (which are made of twill), try out seersucker or poplin in your clothing. We also know that you’ll want protection, so instead of shorts and tank tops, try to have pieces of your luggage that cover your body.


Libations and refreshing beverages will help quench your thirst on a hot summer day. Whether you go for an ice-cold brew, a tasty and fruity summertime drink, or you opt for water; you’ll want to stay hydrated throughout your vacation. If you choose to spend the day relaxing poolside, with a drink in your hand, remember to alternate between alcohol or coffee and water, as those types of drinks tend to dehydrate you faster. No matter where you choose to make sure you have water with you when cooling down with some amazing libations at the local Scottsdale bars.

Protect the Skin You’re In

When planning your vacation getaway, you’ll want to make sure you protect your skin. Whether you bring the right clothing to keep cool, you don’t want to forget sunscreen. Not only does sunscreen help protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays, but you won’t want any skin damage while on vacation. I’m certain we’ve all had our fair share of sunburns, and they’re not fun. You’ll want to pack SPF 30, find makeup that has SPF already built in it, or grab a bottle at the closest grocery store when you get here! If you’re used to tanning oil, we recommend finding a bottle with SPF 15 in it to help keep your skin safe.   


Subsequently spending a day in the sun, you may want to have an after sun lotion. These creams help keep your skin looking its best while treating any potential exposure to the sun. If you do manage to get sunburnt, Aloe Vera is ideal for handling any redness. Its cooling effect is nice against warm skin as well as its medicinal use.
Wanting to get more out our your Scottsdale trip? Head to one of the many spas dotted throughout the community. Relax while getting facials, rejuvenate tired muscles with amazing massages, and lather on soothing, aromatic oils to help de-stress your mind. Keep protecting your mind, body, and soul when you vacation at one of our luxury homes to rent in Arizona.

Featured Rental in AZ

Our featured location in Scottsdale is perfect for anyone wanting to find luxury homes to rent in Arizona. When you drive up to this magnificent residence, you will be greeted by a grand entrance into Entertainer’s Paradise. Just like the name states, this home is perfect for entertaining. When we mean there is so much to do at this location; we’re serious! Offering a pool table, ping pong, bocce ball, putting green, and a resort style backyard, you won’t crave to go home at the end of your retreat. Make this space your home away from home just outside of Scottsdale in Old Town, and right in Paradise Valley. Packed full of fantastic games, a luxury swimming pool, and lots of space, your 16 guests will enjoy every minute spent here!
However, you fancy to spend your vacation in Scottsdale, pick our luxury homes to rent in Arizona. Holiday Rental is the leading luxury home rental service in Scottsdale Arizona, and our goal is to meet your needs to ensure you have the best vacation while living the lap of luxury and style. Just make sure to use our tips and tricks on how to survive the heat this summer season when you vacation with us!