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Golf Trips to Scottsdale: What You Need to Know?

A gentle and cool autumn breeze rolls through the dunes as small waves appear on the ponds, the green has never looked brighter than during the harvest season, and you just spotted where the little white ball landed. Your perfect day is waiting for you when you visit Scottsdale the fall and winter season. With plenty of locations and pars to get to know, when you come to Arizona for a golfing trip you won’t be disappointed. Especially as you choose one of the top luxury rentals, Arizona is known for when you request a getaway with Holiday Rentals. You’ll get to enjoy the green grass, desert landscapes, and perfect your swing.

In Scottsdale, Arizona, there are just over 50 golf courses for you to choose from and while that might seems like a lot, we’re here to help you find the right path and answer any questions you have about golfing in the desert.

Dress Requirements

If you’ve ever played a round of golf before you know most of the courses in your area, have a dress code that you must abide by, and there isn’t an exception in this desert oasis. Many of Scottsdale’s course do not allow metal spikes on shoes, as well as denim shorts or pants. Along with that, all most every course will require its’ players to wear a collared shirt and nice golf pants or shorts. You won’t want to have to be forced to buy appropriate attire before the game if you forget something in their rule book. It’s best to check with the course’s Clubhouse or Pro Shop before joining your teammates on the green.

Golfing in the Summer

It might be fall right now, but we know that it’s possible you’re planning for a summer golfing getaway. Summertime in Arizona is hot with temps in the triple digits. So, you’ll want to be prepared for anything in the desert, and that means staying hydrated. Golfing can take up to four hours depending on a number of holes you play, so drinking water or sports drinks are essential before your game. Check with the clubhouse to see if you can bring water onto the course, many courses prohibit outside food and beverages but if all else fails, purchase some onsite. You will want to have some H2O with you when the sun is shining down. Other items you’ll need to beat the heat, sunscreen to protect your skin, a hat for those blinding sun rays, a phone for emergencies, and did we mention lots of water?

Do you know the Desert Rule?

When in a desert area which has golf courses, there sometimes comes the desert rule which you’ll want to follow. As unlike a regular golf course, a desert one is seen as a lateral hazard. Meaning that a player who lost their ball or the ball is no longer playable, has the option to drop within two club length of where the ball crossed the margin of the desert or grass area. This is then assessed with a one-stroke penalty against the respective player.

Always Remember You’re not Alone

This one is big for tips when playing a game in the deserts of Arizona. You must always remember that you’re not alone on the course, and by that, we mean their critters you won’t want to mess with. We recommend not going head or feet first when looking around bushes and rocks for your ball. Use a golf club instead to inspect the area first, as you won’t want to come into contact with a rattlesnake or a scorpion.

View the Water, Don’t Touch

It might hard to resist that beautiful water as it reflects the landscape around the course, but did you know that many of our courses are conserving water? That’s right; they used reclaimed water to help for conservation. What happens when you accidentally land a ball in the water? You might think that if it’s close, you can just grab it with your hands, but unfortunately that not the best practice to take especially if those lakes are for conservations. Use a ball retriever anytime a ball goes into the water and don’t drink the water if you’re thirsty, make sure you have enough water bottles on your during your game to satisfy hydration.

Fall and Winter Golfing

Arizona offers year-round golfing that many northern states are unable to accommodate. That’s why these seasons offer some of the best days of the year to get out on the green and play. Temperatures tend to be colder with degrees ranging from 60° to 90° Fahrenheit, making it a lovely time to play. Plus, a lot of people travel during the fall and winter time to get a break from the cold weather, and this is the ultimate place to be when you need to warm up. The sun is warm and what better way to spend your days than perfecting your swing in the desert?


Whether it’s your first time to a golf course, you’re a novice, or maybe you’ve played a tournament or two, Scottsdale has some of Arizona’s finest golf courses. You won’t want to miss out on a day or two among the desert’s best courses. Now, comes the hard part, choosing which one to go too! Take a look at this fantastic list of all the greens in Scottsdale, then book one of the best luxury rentals Arizona is known for with Holiday Rentals. You’ll enjoy relaxing poolside after a day spent getting a hole in one!