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Hidden Gems of Scottsdale

Scottsdale’s entertainment spans farther than most imagine. Luxury shopping, golfing, and spas are popular reasons to vacation in the Southwest. You might be surprised to find out that you can enjoy a lovely vacation to Arizona when you venture outside the typical everyday activities. We’re sure you’ll find incredible hidden locations all throughout the town, even the perfect hidden architectural gem with our Scottsdale vacation rentals at Holiday Rental. Whether it’s art, food, or culture the hidden gems of this city shine brightly for all. You won’t want to avoid these fantastic locations as they make for an unbelievable day in the desert.

Hidden Hiking

While in the southwest, you might realize there are quite a few opportunities for you to get outside and enjoy the wilderness. You can hike and bike throughout the local trails, but there is one you’ll really want to try. The Marcus Landslide Trail makes our list of hidden gems because it’s easy to access and full of unusual tilted rocks and boulders. Located within the Scottsdale’s Tom’s Thumb Trailhead, you’ll find this spectacular 3-mile trail that leads you around the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Named after the second largest landslide in Arizona’s history you don’t want to miss out on this jewel of the desert!

Hidden Oasis

Up next, you’ll want to explore the Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden. Full of vibrant, flora and fauna (and hidden from street view) you’ll be immersed in over 5 acres of beautiful garden scapes. With more than 7,000 plants and a whopping 200 different species, you’ll just love this green gem. Open to the public, daily, enjoy walking through the gardens or check out the art installation, “Terraced Cascades,” by Lorna Jordan which also helps to conserve stormwater.

Hidden Hideaway

If you’re looking for the most hidden and architecturally stunning property? Head right to Hotel Valley Ho, which is a famous mid-century-modern style hotel. You can embark on a tour of the business which showcases fabulous grounds and beautiful interior design elements as well as its famous marvelous exterior. The minimalist design mixed with small southwestern details really help to pull the design together. Along the tour, not only will you get to see the designs but you’ll also learn more about the historical aspect of the hotel which opened to guests in 1956.

Hidden Rainforest

That’s right, in the middle of a desert you’ll find a complete rainforest at Butterfly Wonderland. Learn about a butterfly’s life and experience them fluttering about when you step into this remarkable venue. Watch as caterpillars emerge from their chrysalis after completing their metamorphosis. You’ll get to see them spread their wings and take flight, plus the Pavilion is the largest in America with over 3,000 different types of butterflies. On top of the butterfly exhibit, you can also experience rainforest reptiles, spinless giants, tropical fish, and honeybees!

Hidden History

Hidden away in a residential neighborhood, you’ll find the Cattle Track Arts Compound. Set among the modern buildings and 21st-century life you’ll be transported back in time when this area had wide open spaces. Originally known as a local spot to stop for ranchers. This compound today plays host to artists studios, a blacksmith, gallery, and more all while located in an old west style location. Another fantastic hidden gem of Scottsdale that you won’t want to miss!

Hidden Rentals

Hidden within the heart of the Valley of the Sun, Paradise Valley, you’ll find the most amazing Scottsdale vacation rentals. Deep in the valley, your eyes won’t believe how stunning the Mummy Mountain Estate can be. With ample room for an entire family and more, we promise you’ll have everything you need. A total of eight bedrooms allows for up to 18 people, plus everyone will love the extraordinary views from each room. Located just far enough away from luxury shopping and dining, yet close enough so that on a whim, you can enjoy all that Arizona has to offer. Mummy Mountain Estate is truly a perfect hidden rental you are sure to love!


Don’t forget to stop by these fabulous hidden gems and make the most out of your trip to Arizona. Holiday Rental is here to ensure you have a blast while staying in one of our luxurious Scottsdale vacation rentals. Whether you spend the day outside, learning about the incredible history of our beautiful town, or you want to get to know the local flora and fauna, or you want to escape to a hidden rainforest our Southwest city has got it all! You just have to keep your eyes open for these unique locations and make the most out of your trip.