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Planning Your Next Corporate Retreat: Why You Need to Choose a Vacation Rental Home

Corporate retreats are not new but they are arguably more essential than ever before. The pandemic changed corporate culture when it necessitated more and more employees working remotely than ever before. Remote work is not just a viable and appealing option for many employees but also for businesses looking to reduce overhead and adapt to the changing times. But, whether your company has no remote workers, a few remote workers, or is completely remote, team building is more important than ever before because it establishes company culture, forms relationships that encourage efficient productivity, and fosters employee goodwill that boosts employee retention. Though many companies have chosen hotels for corporate retreats in the past, the luxury vacation rental home market has grown and now there are many high-end vacation rentals that offer the same amenities as a hotel but with many unique advantages that a hotel cannot provide. is proud to offer a huge selection of high-end mansions and large private homes that are not just ideal for your next corporate retreat – they will completely transform the corporate retreat experience!

Why You Need to Choose a Vacation Rental Home for Your Next Corporate Retreat

Spacious & Luxurious

Many people worry that staying in a rental home rather than a hotel will not afford individuals the same space and privacy as a hotel. But, at’s luxury vacation rentals, you can choose from large mansions with tons of space and privacy for each guest and for your activities and meetings. Our vacation rental properties are spacious and designed with guests in mind to ensure everyone is able to have time alone in peace and quiet while making it easy to gather and have a great time in common areas.


Hotel-Quality Amenities

When you stay at a luxury vacation rental mansion from, you will not miss any hotel amenities. In fact, you and your team will actually enjoy them more because you will have private access to property amenities. Though they vary from property to property, many of our properties include some or all of the following: pristine putting greens, stunning pools and hot tubs, tennis and basketball courts, home theaters, game rooms, gourmet kitchens, home gyms, outdoor kitchens/grills, and more!


Concierge Services

Your corporate retreat would not be complete without the concierge services you’ve come to expect from a luxury hotel – but instead, you get to enjoy them in a private home, completely customized to your needs. Our concierge services that guests have come to LOVE include premium car rentals, luxury ground transportation, grocery and alcohol shopping/delivery/stocking, golf course recommendations and tee time scheduling, restaurant and fine dining recommendations and reservations, personal chef and catering arrangements, arrangement of sightseeing trips and activities, photography services, private aircraft charters, and more!