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For the Perfect Vacation, Try Home Rentals

Vacations are our escapes from life’s realities. We save up money and budget year-round so that we may travel to far-flung locations and experience something new and different. For weeks, even months on end, we’ll pore over each and every detail to ensure our trip is all that we imagined.Now, some vacationers might say they care little about the accommodations in which they stay and might pick the least expensive location, claiming they only need a place to lay their heads at night. Yet, discerning travelers know that where they stay can have a big impact on their level of enjoyment.


In years gone by, getting away to a vacation destination meant cramming into a motel or hotel room with a small bath and maybe a tiny balcony. While the lodging might have been exciting for a couple of days, over a week’s time, you likely felt boxed in. Even suites can feel crowded when there are four or more people sharing space together. After a while, you start to crave room and privacy, away from even your traveling companions.


Today, savvy people have come to realize they have other options for where to stay when they’re on the road. Vacation rentals are a booming industry, especially for families and groups who want to stay together. Let’s take a look at the benefits you’ll enjoy when you book a vacation home through


Luxury Accommodations Are More Affordable Than You Think

The average price for decent hotel rooms has gone up, especially in hot tourist destinations. If you have to rent more than one room to accommodate your party, the cost for a week’s stay can skyrocket quickly. Add in the money you’ll drop eating out for every meal, plus resort fees and other expenses, and the bill can be pretty high. With a vacation rental, you’ll have not only plenty of room for everyone to sleep but you’ll likely have some in-home entertainment options, like pools and wet bars that you can enjoy. Most importantly, you’ll have a kitchen (perhaps access to a BBQ as well) in which to cook meals and eat comfortably, significantly cutting what you’ll spend on food and beverages.


Everyone Can Stay Together in One Spot

If you’re traveling as a group, vacation rentals are ideal. Everyone has their own room in which to sleep or retreat, most with their own bathrooms. At the same time, you’ll be located in one place, rather than scattered across a large building or more than one hotel. There’s no stress trying to find a meeting spot in a crowded hotel lobby or restaurant. You can eat meals together, take part in group activities, and enjoy each other’s company.


Pets Can Come, Too

Many vacation rentals welcome pets, regardless of whether they’re service animals. If you want to bring your canine family member along for the trip, these homes often have plenty of space inside and out for your pooch to be comfortable. Most of our Holiday Rental properties have expansive fenced-in yards, great for playing fetch.


Room to Sprawl

Why restrict yourself to 325 square feet of space when you can spread out? Not only will you and your guests have your own rooms and baths, but the common areas in vacation rentals tend to be on the spacious side. Gather everyone in the great room to watch TV or around the dining table for dinner. Sit outside and enjoy the views from a sweeping deck day or night. Depending on the luxury home you select, you might find exclusive features such as media rooms with stadium-style seating, or private nooks and crannies for quieter conversations. Don’t forget the outdoors! Many of our Holiday Rental luxury estates feature sports courts or space for other fun activities.


Picture Yourself in Your Own Private Resort

Perhaps the best reason to opt for a vacation rental is the peace and quiet you’ll enjoy. Most of these homes-away-from-home are private dwellings away from the crowds. You won’t have to worry about noise from other rooms or the hallway disrupting your sleep. Swim in your own pool, without being splashed by rowdy strangers. No getting up early to reserve a lounge chair, either. You’ll have plenty to choose from, as well as places to sit, relax, and enjoy each other’s company, without being disturbed by other guests. What’s more, with many of our Holiday Rental vacation homes, you’ll still enjoy the perks of staying at a hotel, such as daily housekeeping, fresh linens, and toiletries, without the crowds. It really is like staying at your own private resort.


Are You Ready to Make Your Vacation Great? Let’s Chat!

Why try to cram your family into a small hotel room or miss a moment of quality time with your party, when you can vacation in style? With our Holiday Rental collection, you’re sure to find a luxury vacation home that is just right for your group. Call us today at 888.915.2712 or email One of our Villa Specialists will be happy to assist you in finding the right place. If you want a sneak peak of our esteemed collection, like us on Facebook and browse through these magnificent homes.